Q)  What first inspired you to start playing music ? 

I've been playing instruments since I was a child, first the piano then the trumpet and the baritone horn. Then after college a friend gave me a pair of Technics and I started playing at home until eventually I could play two records at the same time.  Shortly after I was offered my first gig in the East Village in New York City.  The mechanics of mixing, especially vinyl, I find very intricate and satisfying to perform, especially under pressure.

Q)  Tell us about the label you represent, Bespoke Musik, from New York City - how long have you been playing for them and what kind of parties do they organize ? 
Bespoke Musik was started by my two good friends Rocky and Rami, and I can genuinely say they throw some of the best events in NYC. I've been with them for almost two years now and it's been my pleasure to be able to represent Bespoke Musik all over the world. In New York we curate events with a focus on melodic and atmospheric house and techno. Our most recent event featured Recondite and Nicola Cruz, and we've booked some amazing artists such as Oceanvs Orientalis, Rampue, Powel, Francesca Lombardo and Gorje Hewek & Izhevski. Really good music, and quite a different approach then your average house or techno night.

Q)  This year you played music onboard the Peace Boat when it docked in New York City.  Why are you excited to be traveling on the boat this February with the Music & Art Peace Academy ? 
I'm really excited to travel around South America but also to be helping with some of the business and marketing for both the Music & Art Peace Academy and Peace Boat. To be able to give back and participate beyond just playing music is very important to me, and I'm looking forward to doing my part.  Also I want to blow the ships horn :)

Q)  Tell us about your collaboration with Parties4Peace - why do you think that art and music have the power to make a difference ? 
Art and music have the ability to move people, both physically and emotionally. Music can bring people from completely different backgrounds together and make them feel something positive, maybe it can help them understand that we all have more in common than we think. Maybe I'm just being optimistic but I truly believe that music can change the world.

Q)  It's your first time playing music in South America - what are you most excited about ? 
The weather, and the empanadas :)

Q)   What do you hope to share with the audience through your musical journey in South America ? 
I want to share some very beautiful music I've been collecting recently, I think it will really put a smile on people's faces and move people around the dancefloor. That's all I can ask and hope for

Parties4Peace presents PATAGONICA VOL 9 in Chile and Peru, South America
Feb 4 - 20, 2017

4 FEB - Santiago - Punta Arenas @ Bar Bulnes
5 FEB - Puerto Natales @ Erratic Rock
6 FEB - Hiking in Torres del Paine , National Park in Patagonia 
7 FEB - Travel to Santiago
8 FEB - Santiago @ DJ School & Microclub
9 FEB - Concepcion @ Casa de Salud
10 FEB - Valparaiso 
11 FEB - Santiago @ Don Ignacio Valle Celebration cocktail 
12 FEB - Peace Boat departs Valparaiso
(Travel onboard the Peace Boat: lectures & workshops with MAPA)
16 FEB - Arrive in Lima, Peru
19 FEB - Event in Valparaiso @ Antuset terraza
20 FEB - Farewell event in Santiago

Since the year 2008, Parties4Peace organizes a yearly tour in Chile to raise awareness about the joint campaign to declare Patagonia a World Heritage site with the International NGO Peace Boat and local nonprofit organization CODEFF (National Committee to Protect the Flora and Fauna of Chile).

For 2017, we are delighted to welcome Christian Voldstad from Bespoke Musik in New York City as our guest DJ for the Patagonica vol 9 DJ Tour in South America. Christian acquired his love of electronic while growing up in the UK. It wasn’t until he moved to New York, however, that he would find the sound that captured his attention and inspired him to step behind the decks himself. Since then, Christian has become a staple of the underground scene. His sophisticated taste in music earned him a residency for Bespoke Musik where he continues to explore his love of vinyl records, piano melodies and funky basslines. Together with renowned Chilean producer Pier Bucci and Vale Colvin, one of the most talented female DJs from Chile, we will travel throughout South America to exchange music and culture amongst various artists in region. Inviting artists to experience the pristine nature of Patagonia helps to raise awareness about the current climate challenges of the region and the necessity to protect the glaciers, rivers and mountains.

Peace Boat, an International NGO working to promote peace and sustainability around the world, will dock in Punta Arenas, Chile on February 7 during its current global voyage that will sail through the Patagonia fjords. As part of our longstanding commitment to helping to preserve the Patagonia region, this year we will again partner with Parties 4 Peace , MAPA - Music & Art Peace Academy and the nonprofit CODEFF on the PATAGONICA Project. This international project combines music, art and activism to work towards protecting the Chilean Patagonia region that is threatened by the exploitation of its natural resources. Peace Boat US Director, Emilie McGlone will lead the MAPA Program onboard the ship together with artists Pier Bucci and Christian Voldstad, traveling from Chile to Peru and Pier will continue on to Easter Island to deliver the Parties4Peace music project with traditional music that we recorded in 2016 during the Patagonica tour.

Learn more about the Patagonica Project here


Christian Voldstad / Bespoke Musik NYC
Listen to Soundcloud : @christianv85

Patagonica and Peace Boat :…/080612/index.html

Por el octavo año consecutivo, la productora Parties4Peace organiza la gira PATAGONICA, promoviendo un futuro sustentable con artistas internacionales en Chile.  


Cada año Parties4Peace, una organización sin fines de lucro, se realiza un tour que va por distintas ciudades desde el centro hasta el sur de Chile, entre las cuales están Santiago, Valparaíso, Concepción, Puerto Natales y Punta Arenas. Los fondos recaudados a través de los eventos son donados a la organización sin fines de lucro, el Barco de la Paz, para crear conciencia ecológica y ayudar a proteger la Patagonia chilena. Apoyamos a la campaña para hacer la Patagonia Patrimonio Mundial junto con la ONG CODEFF, Comite Nacional Pro Defensa de la Flora y Fauna, la organización ambientalista más antigua de Chile.

PEACE BOAT (el Barco de la Paz)

Fundada en 1983, El Barco de la Paz es una organización internacional no gubernamental y sin ánimo de lucro con Estatus Consultivo Especial con el Consejo Económico y Social de las Naciones Unidas que trabaja para promover la paz, los derechos humanos, el desarrollo justo y sostenible por el medio ambiente, a través de programas educativos globales, proyectos de cooperación y campañas de sensibilización durante sus viajes globales. . El barco crea un espacio neutral y móvil que permite a sus participantes superar fronteras e iniciar relaciones de cooperación y diálogo en mar abierto y en los puertos que visitamos usando el viaje en si mismo, como herramienta para cambios sociales y políticos positivos, El Barco de la Paz, busca contribuir a proyectos de desarrollo sustentable y minimizar el impacto en el ambiente conectando temas locales a un contexto global y aprendiendo de primera mano como podemos impactar positivamente estos temas.

Para mas información, contacta a Emilie McGlone, Fundadora de Parties4Peace y Directora Internacional de la ONG Barco de la Paz :  //


(15 JAN - 01 FEB  2014)   Chile, South America



Video del primer concurso PATAGONICA el año 2009:

Explicación del proyecto Patagónica by Parties4Peace:

APOYANDO a nuestros amigos de la tierra, CODEFF

CODEFF, Comite Nacional Pro Defensa de la Flora y Fauna, es la organización no gubernamental ambientalista más antigua de Chile. Al año 2008, sumó 40 años de trayectoria y accionar por la conservación de la naturaleza y la promoción del desarrollo sustentable.

En los primeros dos Concursos de DJs por la Patagonia en Tokio, Japon, Parties 4 Peace logró recaudar $2,000 USD para CODEFF y su campaña para proteger la Patagonia.