EMILIE MCGLONE    (pictured right above) 

[Parties 4 Peace Founder   / New York City & Tokyo ]

Born in Southern California, and inspired by the beautiful nature and multicultural society that surrounded her, Emilie began traveling and producing cultural events at a young age.  Having spent time volunteering in Mexico in the 90`s, she became fluent in Spanish and spent her youth traveling to work with local communities in Guatemala, Chile and El Salvador.  Soon after, she explored new horizons by moving to Tokyo, Japan and creating a production group called Parties 4 Peace as a way to raise funds for her community-based projects abroad. In 2004, Emilie began working in Tokyo as the International Coordinator for Peace Boat, an International non-profit NGO that promotes peace education and seeks to create awareness and positive change in the world during their global voyages for peace.  

Living in Tokyo also gave Emilie the chance to work as the Artist coordinator for the LABYRINTH festival in Japan since 2008, introducing her to yet another impressive party production team and some of the most intriguing international artists in the scene.  With experience living in Chile, South America and traveling to Patagonia, Emilie started a new project that invites international artists to experience the pristine nature in the mountains of Patagonia and works to protect the natural resources of the region.

Recently Emilie has moved to New York City to work as the Director of the Peace Boat US office based in the United Nations plaza, and has begun organizing Parties 4 Peace events and fundraisers with her partner Stacy Mourkakos in New York, Detroit, Miami and soon San Francisco.

STACY DAISY MOURKAKOS   (pictured left above) 

[Parties 4 Peace partner / New York City ] 

Born of the stuff New York is made of, Stacy Daisy grew up with two passions: activism and music.  The professional juxtaposition of these two forces started in 2002- Stacy began working the door and managing some of the city’s most reputable clubs and parties while pursuing a career as a special education teacher and activist- and has continued ever since. Currently partner of the event production and consulting company GRIT NEW YORK, Stacy is also completing a master’s degree in Leadership in Community Building.  Her experience helping to establish many influential NY brands as well as managing festivals and events for many of the industry’s biggest players, has defined her as a force to be reckoned with.  In 2011, Stacy was in the midst of establishing a brand dedicated to charity when she met Emilie McGlone.  The serendipitous encounter instantly connected the two and they immediately planned their first event collaboration.  Soon after, Emilie and Stacy partnered up in their efforts to spread peace through dance and music.  You are going to love what is in store from these two dedicated dreamers.

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